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My Parmesan, Chilli & Zucchini Chicken with Steamed Greens Recipe

This was dinner last night – chicken breast topped with zucchini, chilli and parmesan with a dollop of mashed potato and steamed baby beans and broccolini. The chilli is great to speed up your metabolism, chicken for your protein boost and to keep you feeling full and satisfied and low carb Carisma potatoes for potassium and steamed green beans and broccolini for vitamins A and C for your hair skin and nails.

Easy nutritious and delicious. I bought 1 chicken breast and sliced it in half which is plenty for two people and saves some $$. If you’re cooking for 4 or more buy 2 chicken breast fillets and slice length ways in half. You will only need about 10 mins prep and 30 mins cooking in the oven to have this on the table.

Make sure you double the quantities of all ingredients if you’re cooking for the family as this was based on two people and doggy leftovers for Zoe


1 chicken breast fillet halved length ways 1 grated zucchini 1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese 1 tsp olive oil Dried Chilli flakes (to your taste – spicy or a little kick is up to you) Green vegies like broccolini, baby beans, spinach or you can also add steamed carrots 2 small Carisma Low carb potatoes


  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees celcius in fan forced oven

  2. Grate the zucchini and pat with paper towel to soak up excess liquid

  3. Add grated parmesan and olive oil to bowl and sprinkle in chilli flakes to your liking

  4. Lay each chicken breast fillet on baking paper on baking tray and coat with zucchini mixture

  5. Cook in the oven for 20 minutes

  6. Meanwhile boil and mash potatoes with a little butter

  7. Steam your green vegies

  8. Turn the grill to medium heat and cook for further 10 minutes or until top is crispy and chicken is cooked through Serve and Enjoy!

Suzanne The Lifestylist

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