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5 Habits of Happy People

Everyone wants to be happy and it seems that there has been a lot of focus over the past few years where science has been investigating positive psychology and the specifics of being ‘happy’. The result is many believe it’s not something to pursue but rather a combination of 5 key factors that enrich our lives mentally and physically. Genetics plays a part where some people are born with the disposition to be more optimistic but we also have a great deal of control over how we feel about our lives. Meet the latest approaches to helping you feel happy!

  1. Savour the Small Moments – Hits of happiness can come from biting into something delicious, swimming in the ocean or getting a massage. These hits of positive emotion are called hedonic happiness so pay attention to the small moments like looking up at a beautiful sky, watching your child sleep, really sitting and tasting your coffee and don’t spend your day sitting with your head down looking at your device missing these moments.

  2. Utilise the Ripple Effect – Healthy moods can spread by surrounding yourself with positive friends who influence highlights. Think of it as contagious emotions. If you look at people with positive facial expressions or who are in positive moods, your brain replicates that. Actively seek out people and experiences that do this for you and be that person for others but also remember to support those in need.

  3. Remember to Say Thanks – Gratitude comes in two ways- 1. When someone does something kind and 2. When you have a sense of appreciation for what you have in your life. When you feel grateful you are more likely to help others and with that comes happiness. When we say thank you, the person we thank is more likely to foster a better connection with us. Also when you appreciate what you have in your life, it promotes better mood and improved sleep and a healthy heart. Focus on being grateful for people, not things and reflect on what your life may be like without those blessings. Its a simple effective happiness booster.

  4. Nurture Nostalgia – Look to the past to influence how you feel about the future. It’s not dwelling on the past, rather recalling fond memories or positively reminiscing. Making this a regular part of your life can help you hold onto a good mood for weeks and give you a laughing boost over some of those fashion and permed hair moments! So dig out your old photos and share stories with a friend or partner about special moments traveling, your graduation, your wedding day or your first childs’ birth for example.

  5. Create Happy Habits – To be happy you need to do positive things that lead to happiness like making exercising a priority, being part of something you believe in, knowing your strengths and using them, loving a pet, eating a good wholefood diet and making sure you get plenty of sleep. All of these factors play a part in how happy you will feel. Overall if you embrace positive moments and live the most meaningful life you can, happiness will follow.

Start Smiling! Happy Easter!

Suzanne The Lifestylist

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