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Have you bought an Online Exercise Program and Not Got Results?

You are probably familiar with this process, I know I was. You’re on Facebook just trawling through the daily news feed when you see either a sponsored ad and/or sponsored content showing up in friends’ Facebook feeds. It’s for another amazing body transformation or bikini body program. Yes only 12 weeks and you will look like a Victorias Secret model. So of course if your Facebook friend has ‘Liked’ that page, you should check it out. Perhaps they know something you don’t and maybe you’re missing out on the next wonder program that will change your life. FOMO (fear of missing out) is strong when you’re looking at a few extra kilos you’ve put on over Christmas.

There you are seeking out the Fitness guru Facebook pages, then websites, then a blog and a flashing window keeps reminding you to sign up, sign up, sign up! So you give in, what the hell, it’s only $69 right and I could look like the before and afters posted. Wrong! – it’s not that easy.

Bikini bodies transform pretty quickly when you’re 20 or even in your early 30’s but now you’re over 40 and it just doesn’t work that way. Your body may not promise to be Instagram worthy in only 12 weeks unless you stick to doing the program EVERY SINGLE DAY it requires AND eating a strict diet cutting out refined sugars, processed food (junk), most desserts, excess carbs and control portion sizes of all of your meals. This is the only way you won’t be wasting your money on buying the next no excuses, 12 week, bikini body transformation. There is no quick fix. Being fit, healthy and active should be part of your life every day not just because it’s Summer bikini season. You just have to stay focused on your goals and make small challenges and reward yourself for keeping at it. This doesn’t mean going out and rewarding yourself with a Big Mac Fries and a Coke or Ribs followed by chocolate cheesecake or a cronut. No I mean reward yourself with a facial, massage, new outfit or new experience and eventually it will become a healthy life habit.

Going by the number of bikini body guides and branded foam rollers and other merchandise for sale on Gumtree and eBay you would be forgiven to think that many have gone down this path and purchased yet another online exercise program, taken a look, maybe even given it a red hot go for a few weeks only to never to use it again. Don’t let that be you. This is where aFitness Coach can help. A Fitness Coach or Personal Trainer can help motivate you and take you through any program you have purchased ensuring you are performing each exercise correctly and getting the most out of your workout by including timing reps, sets and adding other exercises designed for your specific needs eg a more defined booty or toned arms. An online program is a generic program designed for the masses, not just for you, for your body, for your needs and lifestyle, so remember that the next time you get seduced by buying yet another online exercise program.

Hope this helps

Suzanne The Lifestylist

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