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The 6 Best Weight Loss Snacks

Christmas feasting is over, it's a new year and you want to lose weight? Well here are the best weight loss snacks when celery sticks won't cut it!

When you're trying to eat well and lose weight, the trick is to ensure you snack healthy so you fill up and you don't reach for junk at 3pm when hunger pangs strike. These snacks will make you feel satisfied and are a mix of protein fibre and healthy fats. As much as it doesn't make sense to eat fat when you're trying to lose it - these are healthy fats with omega 3's - not processed junk fats.

1. Avocado - this 'good' fat can be added to salad or used in place of butter and margarine. Avocados contain fibre, potassium and vitamin B but go easy.

A small amount goes a long way in calories so keep to 1/4. Cut in half and only use a half of a half not an entire half in each serve. Squeeze some lemon and slice a tomato on one corn thin for a delicious snack.

2. Roasted Chickpeas - These deliver all the crunch of potato chips but with no sodium and way more protein and fibre than any other snack. Season with Chilli flakes, curry powder or cinnamon. See my recipe for how to roast and you can keep a batch for at up to 4 days!

4. Olives - black or green when you're starving and need a snack to see your way to dinner, choose a few olives and they are deeply flavourful and 5 of them is around 20 calories! You can even sprinkle with chilli flakes to add some punch.

5. Unshelled pistachios - the fiddly shell means it takes time to open this snack and distracts you from eating so quickly therefore eating more than you should. Nuts are full of protein and healthy fat and a small handful (around 6-8) will kill any unhealthy snacking.

6. Greek yoghurt with cinnamon - loaded with protein, calcium and so tasty, greek yoghurt is your go to sweet snack. When you sprinkle cinnamoon, it stabilises your blood sugar and stops cravings of sweets. A delicious alternative to desserts after dinner! Stick to 2-3 tablespoons at most.



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