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5 Stretches You Should Be Doing

Stretching is an important part of fitness that often gets overlooked. When you ignore stretching before and after a workout, it often takes something simple like tying your shoelaces to pull a hamstring. The benefits of stretching are immense as any good physio will tell you and not only improves flexibility and prevents injury, stretching also improves posture, range of motion, increases energy by improving blood supply to the muscles and helps manage stress when your muscles feel tight. The next time you feel an energy slump at 3pm, try stretching instead of reaching for coffee or a chocolate fr a hit.

All it takes is 10 minutes a few times a week and you will see the benefits.

In a recent study of men and women suffering from lower back pain, after stretching at home 3 times a week, they reported significant decrease in pain in 10 weeks and reduced stress levels by relieving tight muscles with stretching resulting in feeling more relaxed.

These 5 exercises are a good way to get started towards better flexibility: Hamstring Stretch, Calf Stretch, Hip Flexor Stretch, Chest Opener with Forward Fold and Quad Stretch. All exercises should be held for 30 seconds

Hope this helps! Suzanne Lifestylist Health & Fitness


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