Why Choose Lifestylist Health & Fitness


  1. Value – Pricing and level of service I provide is the best in the market and starts from as little as $20 a session per person for Small Group Fitness At Home. See why my clients enjoy training with me here

  2. Variety of exercise - You won’t get the same workout every session or ever repeat the same workout each week. I provide variety and exercises you've never done before so you won’t get bored and will always be challenged with a mix of HIIT, Tabata, Cardio, Boxing, Yoga, Pilates, Weight Training and Strength Training with lots of fun. Every session finishes with a combination of Active Stretching Yoga stretches or Relaxation so you get the most out of your session

  3. No Gyms No Bootcamps No Running - I come to you to train you in the comfort and privacy of your own home so you never have to go to a gym or travel anywhere to exercise. You can workout in your garage, under your carport, in your backyard or your living room. Personal Training At Home means you don't have to travel to a gym or exercise in extreme weather conditions at a park. You can make the most of your time, keeping children nearby at home with you while you exercise and you don't have to battle traffic, crowded gym classes or run around a park. All you need is enough space for a yoga mat to do all the exercise you need and I won't make you run around an oval!

  4. Holistic approach - You will receive ongoing coaching and advice on nutrition, mental health, fitness and lifestyle when you need it. I believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness and tailor sessions based on what you need physically, mentally and emotionally

*Contact Suzanne on 0414716713 to discuss your needs today!

*Daytime and evening sessions available

*Gift certificates available

*This service is only available in selected areas

Beecroft                  Carlingford   

Cheltenham            Oatlands* 

Epping                    Eastwood

North Epping          Denistone 

Marsfield                 West Ryde*

Macquarie Park       Ermington*

*Travel fee may be applicable for some areas 

*Services are only available in these areas